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We deliver the press release of Kirin Company.
We deliver the press release of Kirin Company.

[News] Kirin, government procurement market registration completed


Kirin, government procurement market registration completed. Full-scale development of administrative computer network PC business

Kirin, registered in the government procurement market this time, consists of 84 desktop PCs and 4 LCD monitors, and its strength is that it is equipped with competitive products such as SSDs and lower prices compared to other products.

With the supply of PCs to the government procurement market, Kirin is able to expand its business area from a sales business to consumers (B2C) to sales channels for administrative departments, public institutions, and educational institutions.

An official from Kirin said, "We are trying to achieve high efficiency at low cost by applying the know-how accumulated in the assembly PC market. We will also strive for quality control to compensate for the shortcomings of the existing desktop PC, such as adopting only certified genuine parts." Said.

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