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We deliver the press release of Kirin Company.
We deliver the press release of Kirin Company.

[News] Kirin Inc. delivered two online learning support computers to the vulnerable class to Mungyeong City


Moon Gyeong-si announced on the 6th that it had recently donated two computers worth 2 million won from Kirin Inc. (CEO Jae-Seung Lee) to support online learning for vulnerable students.

Kirin Inc. is a desktop computer assembly supplier founded by young people who grew up in the Mungyeong area in 2019 and is located in Sanyang-myeon. Currently, it is a company officially registered in the Public Procurement Service Nara Market and is the first company to receive green technology certification in Gyeongbuk in the field of computer monitors.

This donation is to distribute two sets of computers to children who are vulnerable to informatization as part of a talent donation.

Jae-Seung Lee, CEO of Kirin Co., Ltd. said, “Recently, the need for online learning is increasing due to COVID-19, so we donated computers produced by our company to children in our region. I hope it helps them to develop their dreams and hopes.”

Mayor Ko Yun-hwan said, “We sincerely thank you for showing warm hospitality despite the difficulties caused by Corona-19, and it will be a great help in developing children’s online learning and information technology capabilities.” “Participate in the creation of a community of sharing local love together. Thank you for doing it.”

The desktop computer delivered by Kirin Inc. will be delivered to two child welfare facilities in the region and used for the informatization support project.

Source: Gyeongbuk Ilbo-Good Day Good News (   [link]

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