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Here is the news of the Kirin Company.
Here is the news of the Kirin Company.

[Notice] Kirin Inc. registered a patent for 2020 desktop and monitor.


◆ Desktop 【Name of invention】 ◆

An apparatus and method for power saving of computer system by using network signals

【Technical field】

The present invention relates to a technology for efficiently managing power using a network signal of a computer. The current state of a computer is checked using a network signal of a computer to block standby power, or speed and applied voltage according to network data usage. A power saving device for a computer system using a network signal to reduce power consumption in the computer system by controlling the PHY transceiver and disabling the PHY transceiver, and/or selectively controlling the peripheral devices according to the network usage and the computer usage load. It's about how.

◆ Monitor 【Name of invention】 ◆

A monitor apparatus for saving the power by modulation of the input images and the method for controling the same.

【Technical field】

The present invention relates to a power-saving monitor device and a control method thereof. In particular, a monitor device for saving energy consumed by saving image data and saving operations through modulation such as simplification of an input image to a monitor, and a control method thereof It is about.

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